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Welcome to Life/Work Consulting!

You have most likely ended up here in order to begin anew, either on a new path, in a new manner, or for a new reason. I am privileged to facilitate an opportunity for you to explore your life and work in ways that are spiritually-active and that will help you transform your most cherished dreams into a daily source of wonder and fulfillment.

My view is metaphysical, holistic and integrative, blending the “being” aspects of your life with the “doing” aspects of your work. I believe that the greatest gift you can give yourself is your own intuitive “guidance of divinity,” in alignment with your spiritual/soul sense of you who you are really meant to be and what you are really meant to do. Life/Work Consulting is intended as a forum of exploration, and you are the substance of the journey.

If you sense that reviewing, revising, or redirecting your personal purpose and professional achievements is the right exploration for you at this time, I invite you to start the process of transforming your life and work by contacting me at the email address below.

May your journey lead you to your own truth, meaning and purpose!

Rev. Joseph Civitella, PhD

Life/Work Consulting is a metaphysical service

focused on personal growth

and professional development.

My mission is to facilitate the very best
in life/work mentoring experiences!



The School of LifeWork is not like anything else you’ll find anywhere else.  It's different in many ways, and hopefully better than most in important ways. Although my products and services may be generally categorized as self-help, because they address the “self” and they are intended to “help,” my invitation is for you to engage in a co-evolved exploration process with me – an interactive exchange focused on your personal growth and professional development. In other words, I customize my consulting to your needs and preferred manner of learning.


Life/Work Consulting operates under the banner School of LifeWork. As stated in one of my advertisements: “Go to school on yourself.  You are the student. Your life and work are the subject matter. My products and courses are your facilitator.”


What is your happiness in life and fulfillment with work worth to you? I look forward to hearing from you soon!




The following publications are available:






If you prefer a more structured approach, the following e-course is also available:


Ø  On LifeWork

· Autobiography Series ($39.00)

· Curriculum Vitae Series ($39.00)

· Thematics Series ($39.00)

· Autofiction Series ($39.00)

· Book Report Series ($39.00)

· Research Dissertation Series ($39.00)

· Practicum Series ($39.00) 


Upcoming e-courses (currently in the design phase):


Ø  On Relationships

Ø  On Spirituality

 Please inquire about methodology and pricing for the following services:


Ø  LifeWork Coaching (including customized LifeWork experiences)


Ø  Relationship Coaching (for singles seeking a relationship, or couples already in one)


Ø  Metaphysical/Spirituality Coaching (including customized Metaphysical/Spirituality experiences)


“To achieve everything we are meant to achieve, we must become all of who we are meant to become.  It is by learning to work on purpose that we will be wholly engaged in the right work for the right reasons.  It is by re-storying our life and work that we will be fully and completely present in a gathering of sacred consciousness.”

Joseph Civitella, PhD

About Joseph Civitella
He is a life-long student of metaphysics - the quest for truth, meaning and purpose - and, along with his Doctoral designation in Metaphysical Sciences, is an ordained minister in the International Metaphysical Ministry. He has founded and operates the School of LifeWork, and is establishing a metaphysical-spiritual community called the Gathering of Sacred Consciousness. Along with the offerings on this website, he has written a fiction novel called Shadows of Tomorrow, a compilation of poems entitled Verses in a Poetic Paradigm, a collection of short stories named Short Stories in a Long Narrative, and has recorded a CD of original songs named Soulace.